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You have reached The Moon, the most reliable source for news there is. You know, if you're looking for nothing containing factual news. Or even a shred of journalistic decency and aptitude. But hey, we figure you like it this way. Unless you don't. In which case, this site's author will hunt you down like you're Nicole and I'm O.J. This page's content is suited for viewers of at least 18 years of age. So once your parents are firmly looking the other way,

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Editor's Note: The Moon was scheduled to have its third issue published sometime in mid-May. Due to unforseeable lack of time and effort, we had to push it back to November 14, 2001. Due to much more forseeable lack of time and effort, it has now been pushed back to April 1, 2002. Sorry for the confusion, but we here at The Moon may possibly get our act together soon. Or maybe not. You never know. This page will be more fun than counting the dandruff flakes at your feet. Unless that isn't dandruff. On second thought, we just don't want to know.

people have come here for no reason. GET BACK ON APRIL 1!! (or we'll send the Menendezes after ya)